8 Ways To Rise Above Self-Doubt

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1. Understand what you have to offer…

and know that what you are offering is valuable, even if others say it isn’t.

2. Face the obstacles in your way head on instead of avoiding them

This will give you courage and self-confidence to know you can face whatever is thrown at you.

3. Identify opportunities and create them for yourself and others

If you don’t see the perfect opportunity for you at your current job, create it!  Tell yourself you will be good at it and chase after your dreams.

4. Bring your whole self to the table

Be authentic. Be you. People will see if you are being fake and it will cause self-doubt and unworthiness in yourself.

5. Don’t say sorry for things you shouldn’t

If you need to bring your kid to work with you because you are a single mother and can’t find a babysitter, do it! And don’t apologize.  Do what is best for your family and stick to your values.

6. Connect with people who encourage you

They will help you remember why it is important.

7. Don’t undersell yourself

People want the inspiring, world changers, so sell yourself at that price.

8. Remember you are following your PASSION

This is the most important. If you are doubting what you are doing go back to where you began and WHY you began.

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